IMG_2830As a lifelong Maine resident, I am excited to share my passion for the visual arts with the young people in our community. After attending Savannah College of Art and Design, I earned my BA in Studio Art and Communication from University of Southern Maine, where I studied art history, photography, book arts, and graphic design. I am graduating in May 2018 with my Master of Arts in Teaching from Maine College of Art, where I focused on creative teaching and learning strategies, exceptionality in the art room, and creating integrated and innovative lessons that connect students with the world around them.

Prior to earning my Masters degree, I worked for nine years at Portland Stage in arts education as a program manager, grant writer, and fund-raiser.  As a Program Manager and Development Director at Portland Stage, I worked promoting the arts in education, developing programs, making connections, and building relationships with students, families, schools, and artists.

In my studio, I create paper toy theaters and books, paint watercolor nature studies, as well as printmaking – drypoint etching, relief, gelatin printing, and silk screen. Skills that I bring to the classroom include a strong background in printmaking, 2D design, drawing, painting, creating with paper and photography.  Additionally I love to explore with students in 3D design / sculpture including clay, paper mache, plaster, wire, and more.